New Bloc Night Austin Blockchain Week Opening Party Ended Successfully

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6 min readJun 16, 2022

On 8th June, the opening party of the Austin Blockchain Week, NEW BLOC NIGHT, hosted by the New Bloc hedge fund, came to a successful conclusion at The Otis Hotel in Austin, USA. We invited high-profile speakers and guests to share their incisive and unique insights. Nearly 200 participants related to crypto industry participated in the event through online or offline methods.

At the event, members from different sectors gathered together and shared forward-looking perspectives, including CoinEx & ViaBTC Ambassador Adam Chastain, Alchemy Pay CMO Karmen Tang and Ecosystem Lead (Europe) Robert MacCracken, Huobi Global Head of Global Institution Business Edward Chen, ZKSpace Director of Business Development Mattias Borg, FlashMining Founder and CEO Jackey Lin, MiningStore Founder and CEO JP Baric, Head of KuCoin Labs Lou Yu, Asteria Finance Lab Founder and CEO Michael, Spark Digital Capital Founder and CEO Yang etc.

Let’s do a recap on this party:


At the opening of the party, Summer Zhang, founder of New Bloc, gave a speech together with Guo Hongcai, an early investor in Bitcoin, and kicked off the reception while sharing insights.

Opening Speech: Opportunities and Challenges of Crypto Assets Management

The opening speech was presented by Summer Zhang, the founder and CEO of New Bloc. She obtained her master degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Copenhagen Business School and she is a serial entrepreneur.

Summer pointed out that correlation between crypto assets and risky assets (NDX) has increased since December 2021. The correlation between BTC and NASDAQ increases when real interest rates fluctuate significantly, and BTC weakens when real interest rates start to fluctuate slightly. Meanwhile, crypto assets are risky assets with function of peer-to-peer payments that can help avoid political risk and combat the vulnerability of existing payment systems.

Panel meeting — Mining and Carbon Neutral: Trends in Crypto Mining

This panel was moderated by Dave Mei, Co-founder of RawTech Ventures, together with FlashMining Founder and CEO Jackey Lin, CoinEx & ViaBTC Ambassador Adam Chastain, ZKSpace Director of Business Development Mattias Borg, Senior Miner GaoKe and MiningStore Founder and CEO JP Baric.

The moderator and panelists discussed mining and energy, PoW to PoS conversion, and

a two-year moratorium on bitcoin mining passed by the New York State Senate.

In terms of mining and energy, GaoKe believes that we shouldn’t look at new energy mining with our biases. Utilizing new energy is a certain trend for many industries, as well as crypto mining. And Adam Chastain believes that, similar to what happened during the Gold Rush, new energy crypto mining does not have a negative influence on the world economy.

For the conversion of PoW to PoS, JP Baric points out that a new currency system enables the public to break the manipulation and limitation forced by governments. For sure, it can bring lots of changes.

For the mining bill, GaoKe believes that it takes time to truly understand the logic behind crypto mining. People have to slow down their paces. Relative to China, the US has better weather, infrastructures on electricity and so on.

Speech: Bridging the gap between web2 and web3 — The Future of Payment

After the first panel meeting, Karmen Tang, CMO of Alchemy Pay introduced the importance of web3 and how ACH is helping to drive adoption through it’s ramps solution.

Panel meeting — Decentralization vs. Centralization: How to Improve Regulation of Crypto Oligarchs and Protect Investors?

This panel was moderated by Michael, Co-founder and CEO of Asteria Finance Lab. We are honored to have Edward Chen, Head of Global Institutional Business at Firecoin, Lou Yu, Head of Kucoin Labs, Robert MacCracken, Ecosystem Lead (Europe) at Alchemy Pay, Yang, Partner and Co-Founder of SparkDigitalCapital, and Johann Huber-Gutierrez, Senior Account Director at Supra Oracles as panelists.

The guests on the scene had an intense discussion on this topic, and they agree that decentralization is only an access to somewhere, a way of doing things. The essence of business is to exchange values and that is the real meaning of Web 3. In addition, compared to other blockchain products, NFT is something people can relate to. It makes sense to the public.

Panel meeting — What are the new opportunities in the Web 3 world that young people aspire to?

This panel was moderated by Ken Cucchia, Founder of OmniFlix. We are honored to have Nicole, Partner of Lingfeng Innovation Fund, Yvonne, Representative from Dress Show, Tony. Z, Founder of, Neo, CEO of Bit Engine as panelists. Among them are institutional representatives, Web3 entrepreneurs and representatives of the Generation Z. They discuss the current topics of Web3 and draw a blueprint for the next generation of Internet.

Nicole said that currently, schools all over the world even those prestigious ones don’t teach Web 3. Students who drop out get chances to explore web 3 by themselves but dropping out is not an ideal option for everyone. Education at school plays an important role in a person’s life. We do not construct for freedom, but we are searching for freedom from the already existing social forms and businesses.

Lucky Draw Time

Angela Tong, COO of Fairyproof, and V1, head of overseas market of Block Beats, were invited to provide huge airdrops for the active participants, and the participants who got them were even given unexpected surprises.


Along with the Austin Blockchain Week, New Bloc Night came to a successful end, where we met many new friends and built deeper relationships with old friends. Next, we will hold New Bloc Night all over the world, and we welcome more trading platform operators, project operation teams, and primary investors to join this event, which has the most real communication environment, the best technical team, and the most cutting-edge information. We would like to thank our media and partners again for their support of this event!

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