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NEW BLOC NIGHT 2022!the most unmissable crypto cocktail party in Austin Blockchain Week

In the upcoming week, there will be a grand carnival “Consensus” held in Austin for the people who are obsessed with decentralization and crypto technologies, and you should kick it off with a fun opening party, the New Bloc Night. The host, New Bloc, is a leading global crypto hedge fund ranked among the top 10 crypto asset management firms in Asia. For this time, we will invite industry leaders and senior managers of renown institutions to get together and share their insights about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Web 3. The New Bloc Night will be held on June 8th, the day before “CONSENSUS”, from 18:00pm to 23:00pm.

The New Bloc Night in Austin has gained lots of support from distinguished companies, medias, and school organizations. CoinEx and ViaBTC are the co-hosts of this event. Besides, companies like KuCoin Labs, BIXIN Ventures, NGC Ventures, Fundamental Labs, ZKS, Fairyproof, COBO, BBShares, GRHEAT, Lingfeng Innovation Fund, and medias like JINSE FINANCE, 8BTC, BLOCKBEATS, TEAMZ, DEEPCHAIN, CHAINCATCHER, COINTELEGRAPH CHINESE, BIXIAOBAI, BLOCKGLOBE have all actively participated. Meanwhile, we also gratefully thank for the help from some renown university venture clubs like NYUVVC at New York University, MIT CEO, YVC at Yale University, MVC at UMichigan and so on. With all support from the partners above, we believe that the New Bloc Night will bring you a special experience.

The Otis Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Austin, will be the venue for this year’s NEW BLOC NIGHT. Our panelists and speakers are from more than 20 well-known investment organizations, public chains, DApps and crypto financial service providers. And more than 300 industry opinion leaders will attend our cocktail party on June 8th. Moreover, there will be a live YOUTUBE broadcast in a crypto community of over 500,000 users and dozens of media organizations will stream live videos. If you are not able to be present at the event, we sincerely invite you to join us on June 8th at 18:00!

We have invited some famous crypto organizations that attract the attention of crypto enthsiasts to discuss the future of this industry, including ViaBTC, a top 10 global BTC mining pool, founded by Wu Jihan, CoinEx, a global digital asset crypto platform, KuCoin, a well-known crypto platform, and many other first-tier crypto institutions, etc. They will each deliver speeches with industry impact.

The first panel is titled as “Mining and Carbon Neutral: Trends in Crypto Mining”.

In the past round of bulls and bears, we have witnessed the rapid development of crypto mining industry: more and more organizations have engaged in crypto mining, the investment threshold and management requirements of mining industry have become higher; compliance in tax audit and certification process has become more and more important; miner iteration has slowed down, cost competition has intensified, and the dominant role of energy players on the supply side has become increasingly obvious. Under the waves of the global peak carbon dioxide emissions, how will these factors develop, and what trends will they bring to the crypto mining industry?

The second panel is titled as “Decentralization vs. Centrality: How to Improve Oversight and Regulation of Crypto Oligarchs and Protect Investors?”

Inspired by the crypto spirit of freedom, inclusiveness and transparency, decentralized evangelists have lit up the luster of the Web3 world. Meanwhile, centralized platforms are still indispensable in the industry and emerge as an oligopoly. How to prevent centralized platforms to do evils while enhancing efficiency? How to restrain human greed with technology, media, laws and supervision?

The third panel is titled as “What are the new opportunities in the Web 3 world to which young people aspire?”

The world will always belong to young people, and the Web3 world is welcoming the passionate Generation Z with open arms, who are digital nomads active in different chains and are also Web3 natives. In the journey of this energetic incremental market to challenge the traditional Internet hegemony, we will pay tribute to the sincerity of 1960 when BBC invited children to paint the picture of the 21st century, and invite representatives of crypto institutions and millennial (2000s) new generation to discuss the Web3 blueprint and the opportunities brewing in it.

Finally, we have invited organizations such as Fairyproof, a well-known contract auditing company in web3, to offer a huge airdrop to the active participants present, and those who draw will get a surprise.The third panel is entitled “What are the new opportunities in the Web 3 world to which young people aspire?”

New Bloc is a BVI crypto hedge fund established in 2018. We use data and models to uncover financial market patterns. NEW BLOC team members graduated from some top universities, such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, Oxford, Columbia University, UC Berkeley and other universities, and have worked at Citadel, UBS, CitiBank , IBM, Tencent and other top financial and technology firms. NEW BLOC invests mainly in blockchain technologies and applications in the primary market, and provides in-depth post-investment services including growth consulting and market making for its portfolio companies. NEW BLOC has been ranked as one of the top 10 crypto asset management companies in Asia by several quantitative hedge fund rating agencies for cumulative net worth year-round. At the same time, NEW BLOC is also a top market maker”and a growth advisory provider for the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world, with a peak daily trading volume of over $5 billion.

Since 2018, New Bloc has successfully held several sessions of NEW BLOC NIGHT in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Southeast Asia. The event has received more than 2 million visitors and has been covered by many top Chinese and English technology media.

For previous events, we invited James (Chairman of ETC LAB), Xing Kong (Founder of BIXIN) , Shenyu (Founder of F2Pool), Hu Donghai (Founder of Fengwo), Justin Sun (Founder of TRON), Alex (Technical Director of ZKS), Wan Yu (Investor of Softbank China) and senior executives from BINANCE, Huobi, Bithumb to share their thoughts and grant awards, establishing a deep influence in Asia and Australia.


We warmly welcome friends who have passion and insight into the crypto industry to join NEW BLOC NIGHT 2022 and enjoy the feast together. Please click the link below to register.


For another way to sign up, you can add our registration assistant [Telegram:@Karen123www] .

We believe that NEW BLOC NOGHT 2022 will be the most unmissable opening party of this Austin Blockchain Week, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you cryptopunkers at the party!



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Crypto hedge fund that invests in frontier block chain technologies,also a top market maker and growth advisory provider for the top 3 crypto exchanges.